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    Traditional Karate

    NKA International has a Human Values program for both adults and children that is based on Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence. This is traditional Karate training. This program called Educare educating students about caring for family...

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    Traditional Karate

    Goshin Karatedo Senmon Gakkou- Where traditional karate lives and grows

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    Classes for Family, Adults and Children

    Head Teacher - Kancho Deena Naidu Graduate of the Japan Karate College -Tokyo Tel: 88974769 Mobile 0433 430 504 or 0434 330 886 Email: info@nkainternational.org ...

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About Us

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It is time for change. NKA International is a registered Karate organisation that is going live on the 23rd October 2015. For those of you that are not aware, NKA is a brand new Karate organisation that focuses on the pure essence of traditional karate that embraces human values. We are determined to lift the character of our students through our KarateCare program. The intensity of karate practice does not just lie on the physical practice it is also that of the nature of the person who practices the art. If bad people practice karate no one is safe. If good people practice the art everyone is safe. Our aim is to convert the people with bad ways to become good and those who are good to become better.

International Program

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We comprise of teachers globally for the pure purpose of reigniting traditional Karatedo which had lost its way for decades. Teachers have come from different countries with their clear objective of making a difference, as in their hearts know karatedo had taken a wrong direction of making it a game. We have teachers from many countries and we will continue to grow. Teachers in our team are determined to improve life skills of students by bringing back good discipline, better self control training, education in human values, improvised character development programs , confidence development training and the true art of karatedo. As we believe karatedo comprises of three aspects Physical ( Body), Mental (Mind) and Spiritual ( Life).

Our Team

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Goshin Kan has been working very hard on many aspects of karatedo since it inception. In our schools we have implemented various ideas that has had outstanding results. Parents and students are very happy with our KarateCare programs as this has been improving our students character in all avenues of their lives. We have safe ways of physical training, great ways of mental training and life skills training that works. The radiance of what we do will be moving to many all around the world and together with the international teachers lift life for all our students.

NKA International Organisation


The prime objective of NKA International is to band together like minded teachers world wide who desire to impart the pure essence of traditional karate do disciplines and values to all its students. Every school within NKA International will have its own knowledge base of style or system of imparting physical techniques. This operation of each school operates under its own medium of understanding in terms of physical technique. This will allow each to have the freedom to operate as they seem fit as long as there is no cause for concern of what happens to the students physically or mentally. We accept all, into NKA International immaterial of style or system. We believe there is not one way of executing technique however, in terms of disciplines and values we have a united format under one banner.

Our system is non competitive as we find there is a growing interest in non tournament world wide. Many have asked Kancho Deena Naidu to create such an organistion for many years but he was reluctant to do so as he thought it was best to keep this only within his own organsation called Goshin kan. This has been working superbly and the transformation of many students were beyond all expectations. This together with the growing need for change in the world inspired Kancho to have a world organsation.

NKA has a system called KarateCare which was developed to build character in students. KarateCare is based on fives human values as its knowledge base. These values are Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non Violence. It is a special program of learning and developing the human character. If character is good then the environment is safe. People of good character are of no threat to anyone. The ones with good character are an asset to the group, society and land they belong too. Teachers are specially trained to impart this knowledge to students.

He has been a hardened loyal student of Gogen Sensei for many decades. He choose the path of his teacher who was very happy at this and that was teaching karate for defence only with special emphasis on human development. The other objectives of developing character through Education in Human Values. His teacher was proud of him while he was alive and I am sure he will continue to be happy with from the celestial planes he resides.

Join NKA International

To promote traditional karate with special emphasis on human development, register your school with us.

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